Flower of Life

  • Hi everyone and hope you're doing well. It's the infamous Black Friday this weekend, but Crystal Heart never do sales because we charge fair prices and the great majority of our stock is uniquely handcrafted.  But it's also good to give something back and all your support over the lock down perio... View Post
  • Flower of Life Part 2

    A week after my Flower of Life AHA !  Moment . . . . . There's so much written about the Flower of Life but really it's just something to meditate on and find your own answers. What follows is my own experience. Well this is extraordinary. Just spent a day in the shop and office and the same peac... View Post
  • Sacred Geometry Mandalas

    This morning I was uploading some more Flower of Life pendants and wondering what to say about them. I found myself simply meditating on this Mandala. Just gazing at it with open mind, observing the changing patterns as my consciousness made different connections. The Universe answered my questio... View Post

    Geometry is a basic law of Nature - a mathematical Harmony of forces and matter on which our very existence depends. The Flower of Life is one of the best known - for a very long time, since the earliest depiction is found at the Temple of Osiris in Abydos of Ancient Egypt. It and it's component ... View Post