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Sacred Geometry Mandalas

This morning I was uploading some more Flower of Life pendants and wondering what to say about them. I found myself simply meditating on this Mandala. Just gazing at it with open mind, observing the changing patterns as my consciousness made different connections. The Universe answered my question. I felt an extraordinary centering and uplift. Even my Crystal Heart Crew noticed a difference, commenting on how focused I appeared. This is a huge change in me because normally when I focus on one thing I get annoyed and a little grumpy when distracted by questions and yes even customers ! But this time, rather than being Basil Fawlty, when I was called into the Shop I found myself able to keep the same Focus and apply it to the new situation.

What a wonderful WOW ! This problem has been with me since childhood - large family in small house, so hard to focus and study with all the interruptions . . . . . .yet just 5 mins meditation on a sacred geometry mandala cures it ? Crazy but true !

Which just proves my point. These Sacred Geometry Mandalas are like our Universal DNA. They speak deeper than the mind. Really you don't need to study them, just meditate on them and they work their magic.

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Have a Lovely Evening !

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