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Flower of Life Part 2

A week after my Flower of Life AHA !  Moment . . . . .

There's so much written about the Flower of Life but really it's just something to meditate on and find your own answers. What follows is my own experience.

Well this is extraordinary. Just spent a day in the shop and office and the same peaceful calm has stayed with me all day. Contemplating this wonderful effect, I think I'm getting a handle on it. It seems that all the many compartments in my brain have been harmoniously organised and connected. Rather than being conflicting demands stressing me out like a bunch of demanding children,  they all balance and acknowledge each other. They are all variations on the same theme. The Flower of Life is one basic element interwoven many times. It's the Flower of OUR life.

In this complex Modern life our minds are severely overloaded and fragmented. We are forced to create so many different compartments in order to survive. We needs must focus on one issue & forget the others and this is the root of all our stress. Really, they are all variations on the same theme. All connected. All us.

Coffee in the City, watching the crowds walk by. Usually I focus on the amorphous crowd or an individual that catches my eye. That's a favourite game of mine - I can build a whole life story from one glance because we emote so much more than we realise.

This time was different. Under the influence of the Flower of Life I saw the crowd and the individual simultaneously . . . . for that short moment I saw us all as connected individuals.

So there you go. This ancient symbol ( earliest appearance Ancient Egypt 2000 BC ) has the potential to evolve your genetic coding. Change your neural structure.

I'm into crystals of course, but they have power because they are precise geometric structures. The Flower of Life simply puts the structure first. For anyone stressing from excessive multi tasking or doubtful of their place in the World, the Flower of Life is an essential meditation.

Enjoy, Fellow Travellers.


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