New Crystals

  • I'm Home !!!!

    Hi everyone and hope you're all keeping well ! Sorry it's been so long, but I have been on a 6 week round the world trip ~ I told myself that everyone has to do one once in their lifetime, but sitting here shattered at my comfortably messy kitchen table all I can say is NEVER AGAIN ! With delays ... View Post
  • Hi Everyone Hope you're all well and happy. I've certainly been feeling a lot more relaxed since the Taurus Full Moon ~ thanks to Leah for another excellent mail out. Just as well as the last few weeks have been hectic with visits from Cosmic Crystals ( so well named, Kristy has the eye for aweso... View Post
  • OMG it's DECEMBER !!

    Sorry to shout, but hold on to your Reindeers, that silly season is here ! I've hardly been lazy the last few months but suddenly the red light is on and I've still got so much new Jewellery to share, so I've been madly uploading and this will continue. Keep you eyes on the Latest Jewellery Uploa... View Post
  • wow it's nearly a year

    Since I started this website, and only now knocking the crystals into shape. Thank God it's still fun :-) today uploaded more chrysanthemum stone, Azurite, Dioptase, and new collections for Wands and Pyramids. Enjoy ! View Post

    YES ! Our favourite supplier arrived with her normal brilliant range of consciously selected and well priced stock. I spent a small fortune but enjoyed every minute :-) It's best to visit the shop but thus far I've uploaded brilliant Star Rose Quartz and Ruby spheres, a whole page of Crystal Sku... View Post