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Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well and happy. I've certainly been feeling a lot more relaxed since the Taurus Full Moon ~ thanks to Leah for another excellent mail out.
Just as well as the last few weeks have been hectic with visits from Cosmic Crystals ( so well named, Kristy has the eye for awesome stuff )
With Jewellery we've had visits from
Julio's unique designs and connections for Manifestation Quartz and Super Seven will be all uploaded by tomorrow. It's worth reading his story in the above link.
and last but definately not least Paul ( the PB code ) with his awesome stones. It's also worth reading his brief Bio in that link.
Paul's awesome stones will take longer ~ so as usual we offer the same Special Deal
If you can make it into the shop, just ask for Paul's New stock. Anything you buy out of the bag earns a 10 % Discount.
You get to see it all first.
I don't have to photograph, measure, upload and describe it.
Good deal for you and for me !
You can also keep an eye on Latest Jewellery Uploads
Lastly, it's been so long in the making, I can announce the imminent arrival of the Crystal Heart App !
Just waiting on me while I negotiate the Apple Bureaucracy LOL.
Times have changed and the vast majority of website visits now come from mobile phones, so this app is designed to make those visits easier.
You will be able to download the App for free, have the above logo on your phone, and hence have instant access to whatever is new and the regular website, plus we can notify you if there's anything new.
I actually received an Honours degree in Computers and Cybernetics back in 1979. But Karma will have it's way, and that very degree led me to my time in India discovering Meditation, my previous studies in Geology, and my love of Crystals and Gemstones for their energy.
As John Lennon said.
Life's what's happening while you're making other plans !
Point is my previous computer studies were the Stone Age.
I'm still uncomfortable using a Browser on my Mobile.
This app makes it easy !
Plus, every time I see that logo on my phone i get a hit of that Crystal Heart Energy. A reminder that we're all interconnected to a vast and essentially benevolent Universe.
An oasis of Peace in this chaotic Human reality.
Here I have to say a big Thank You to all our wonderful customers.
Every time you compliment this Esoteric Store. It's relaxing energy, the awesome stock ( 75 shelves loaded with Jewellery ! )
the compassionate and understanding service
My Heart still feels a thrill.
Even after 33 years.
So a big thank you from myself, Marc, and our lovely staff.
Jess, Jo, Laura, and Leah .
Not forgetting our psychic readers Maxine and Pamela
who are also very real and positively motivational !
Blessed be
The Heart.

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