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Sorry to shout, but hold on to your Reindeers, that silly season is here ! I've hardly been lazy the last few months but suddenly the red light is on and I've still got so much new Jewellery to share, so I've been madly uploading and this will continue.
Keep you eyes on the Latest Jewellery Uploads page, there's a lot of awesome and unique gems to come !
Of note, those beautiful Champagne Argyle Diamonds in 14 Kt Gold. I've never been a fan of Diamonds ~ there's too much hype about them ~ but these ones have Soul ~ and thanks to Paul's astute buying the prices are very reasonable.
There's a lovely family of precious Sapphires as well ~ these are all from Sri Lanka and they are untreated natural stones which really increases their value.
Although these are small stones, they have a very big presence.
Also some proper Mexican Fire Agate rings with botryoidal form and opalescent lights.
Shooting down to our more regular fare ~ Uncut Natural Danburite Crystal Pendants.  Mooralla Smoky Elestials and Chrysoprase from Australia. Wow, Blue Nuummite is back !
Tonight I uploaded another new stone for us ~ Drusy Chalcedony ~ such an evocative stone of Feminine Empowerment.
So much more to come.
You know, looking back at the collection, I feel really proud. I knew nothing about Websites when I began. But when I look at the photography, content, descriptions and yes, prices, I get a warm glow in my heart because this is a labour of love. It's also in memory of my Mum, who had a passion for Jewellery which I came to later in life. Yes this is a business. But it's love that makes the World go round and to me these precious gems, if they engender Love, then the creations of the Earth and the craftsmen that beautify them are validated,
It's gratifying to have people coming into the Shop telling me how much they love the site. It's even more gratifying when I get emails from people around the world from Japan to Siberia to France to USA saying how glad they are to find my site. Many of these emails are stuck on my Office Walls as inspiration !
All orders from today on will include a small intuitively chosen gift.
Your gift to me, if you wish it, is just to tell your friends about my website.
Love Light and Blessings from the Heart, as always.
Marc, Jess, Laura and Leah.

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