• I'm Home !!!!

    Hi everyone and hope you're all keeping well ! Sorry it's been so long, but I have been on a 6 week round the world trip ~ I told myself that everyone has to do one once in their lifetime, but sitting here shattered at my comfortably messy kitchen table all I can say is NEVER AGAIN ! With delays ... View Post
  • Scorpio Stones

    Hi guys. Just a quick one as it's getting late. Realised we moved into SCORPIO a few days ago, so if you look below this blog on the Home Page you'll see our top 8 stones for that Star Sign. I do love Scorpios - after all I have two sisters and a brother born under that sign. They can really be v... View Post
  • Back from Buying Trip

    Well Sorry all but it's been such a long time between posts. But the shop has been very busy, which is good, though in the end I was really hanging out to get away to the Bangkok Gem Show !  It was a very good trip. Even though I arrived exhausted, hobbling round like an old man :-) but it's a pe... View Post