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Scorpio Stones

Hi guys. Just a quick one as it's getting late. Realised we moved into SCORPIO a few days ago, so if you look below this blog on the Home Page you'll see our top 8 stones for that Star Sign. I do love Scorpios - after all I have two sisters and a brother born under that sign. They can really be very entertaining and surprisingly loving . . . but boy they can hold a grudge and whip out the sting when you least expect it :-) Maybe that's why I learned the wisdom of not taking everything personally at a relatively young age !
I've really been racing through the uploads of New Stock trying to catch up with the backlog but I keep buying more which makes it hard ! I just can't speed the process up because each stone is unique and so often I have to stop and say a few particular words about a piece rather than just duplicating previous words. Still, I do like doing that so I hope you enjoy my descriptions ! Anyway, keep checking
because the pace will really be picking up over the next few weeks. Don't forget, I generally only upload one or two of each new stone so follow the link to it's collection.
Bye for now
and Love from the Heart as always

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