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Back from Buying Trip

Well Sorry all but it's been such a long time between posts. But the shop has been very busy, which is good, though in the end I was really hanging out to get away to the Bangkok Gem Show !  It was a very good trip. Even though I arrived exhausted, hobbling round like an old man :-) but it's a perpetual source of amazement to me that once I start viewing beautiful crystals and gemstones my energy always returns !

Talk about 6 degrees of seperation though. I was chatting with my new favourite supplier who has a really good eye for stones and I happened to mention that my love affair with crystals only began when I learned meditation in the Osho Ashram, Pune, India in 1979/1980.  Wow he replied. "You know I come from an old gemstone family in Jaipur but my business really wasn't working. Then I too went to the same Ashram in the 90s and learned meditation, just selling stones to support myself there. Business really changed for the better and that's the only reason I'm here now ! "  Amazing to think that for both of us that "Accidental" discovery of the Osho Ashram led us, a few decades later, to be doing gemstone business together in Thailand !

Anyway, am back now and beginning to upload the new stock. Fluorite which I didn't really need bu the price and quality was just too good. Cavansite, a particular favourite of mine, and Drusy Malachite which just sparkles with joy. More to come. Rubies and Sapphires from Chantaburi, Opals, Ammolites, and mre. just watch this space -




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