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The 11:11 Break up !

Hi Everyone and hope you're all doing well. At least this terrible year is drawing to a close ! Heaps of changes going on for us all and the crazy thing is we don't really know what they are until they manifest !
I've been quiet for a while because I really haven't had a clear picture myself. Then the Shop opening kept me very busy. Then on that fateful 11:11 I cycled to the Dentist hit a car and broke my Hip and Femur. Yay ! One of the very rare times I wasn't wearing any crystals either.
Last time I did something similar, back in 1974 on my motor bike, I also smashed left leg and ankle. That accident changed my life, putting me on a path that ultimately led me here, but it took about 6 months of recovery to show itself.
Anyway, the surgeons and staff at the Royal Melbourne were fantastic, I'm doing well at the Epworth for Rehab,  and I expect to be back on deck next week - with crutches of course !
Hats off to medical workers everywhere. They do a difficult job with such compassion and dedication. You're all Heroes.
Leah and Jo have been doing a fantastic job holding the fort in my absence, we just had to close Mondays.
This is why the Jewellery uploads have stopped. There's heaps of yummy new stock ready to go and more on the way so hold on for another week !
I have to say that despite this setback I'm beginning to feel really positive about the future. As we end one Age and start another there's massive social turbulence. We all feel that maelstrom of change pulling at our sense of self and direction ~ and need to keep breathing !
We've got Anarchy in the States, Confusion in Europe and repression in the East.
Feeling pretty lucky to be living in Australia !
So thanks for all your support through this trying time,
Love from the Heart as Always
Marc, Leah and Jo.


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