Star Chakra Pendants

I remember long ago being shocked by the revelation of another Chakra which was located outside the body, floating above the crown. As a Yogi I was firmly of the belief that al Chakras were firmly tethered to nodes on the Physical body. Despite initial resistance to the idea, this led to a new round of Spiritual Growth as it opened a connection to Universal Consciousness.  Some some called this Chakra  the transpersonal, but I prefer the the more evocative name of Star Chakra.  Decades later I came up with this design. The Herkimer represents the Star Chakra, connecting you to Universal Consciousness, while the Lemurian Laser channels all the energy down through your body into physical reality. Anyway, the new lot have just arrived from our new workshop and I'm very happy with the quality and price. You can come to view at Crystal Heart 213 Lygon Street, Carlton, or check out this pendant on our online shop.…/lemurian-quartz-collection

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