Rubies and Sapphires

                                      RUBIES AND SAPPHIRES

At Crystal Heart we always prefer big stones - and that's been a problem with Sapphires and Rubies for example. Sure we've maintained stock of Matrix Stones but these aren't gem quality. Until this trip !!! We now have Gemmy Rubies and Sapphires - large sizes and affordable prices. These come from a mine outside Chantaburi, Thailand ( same area as Bridge over River Kwai ) where they've been mined for centuries. The Ruby had run out, but more has been discovered. They all have translucence to varying degrees. The colour is lovely and here we have to say that over the centuries the local miners have raised colour change heating to an art form. This process, being permanent and so widely practiced around the world, is generally not even mentioned but we feel it should be said at least once here !



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