• OMG it's DECEMBER !!

    Sorry to shout, but hold on to your Reindeers, that silly season is here ! I've hardly been lazy the last few months but suddenly the red light is on and I've still got so much new Jewellery to share, so I've been madly uploading and this will continue. Keep you eyes on the Latest Jewellery Uploa... View Post
  • The Real Work Begins :-)

    Hi Everyone. Well, buying is work but fun ~ but now our Apt in Bangkok is like a little Factory. Nicha in her office makes tons of beaded Jewellery, me in the lounge on the endless task of processing all the other Jewellery. We bought so much ! Usually I'm OCD on prices as I buy, but this time I ... View Post

    Geometry is a basic law of Nature - a mathematical Harmony of forces and matter on which our very existence depends. The Flower of Life is one of the best known - for a very long time, since the earliest depiction is found at the Temple of Osiris in Abydos of Ancient Egypt. It and it's component ... View Post
  • Rubies and Sapphires

                                          RUBIES AND SAPPHIRES At Crystal Heart we always prefer big stones - and that's been a problem with Sapphires and Rubies for example. Sure we've maintained stock of Matrix Stones but these aren't gem quality. Until this trip !!! We now have Gemmy Rubies and Sa... View Post
  • Back from Buying Trip

    Well Sorry all but it's been such a long time between posts. But the shop has been very busy, which is good, though in the end I was really hanging out to get away to the Bangkok Gem Show !  It was a very good trip. Even though I arrived exhausted, hobbling round like an old man :-) but it's a pe... View Post