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A New Year ~ No Resolutions !

Hi Everyone and welcome to another New Year ~ my 32nd in the Crystal Heart !
It is time to think about the year to come ~ and make some plans. I always think you've got until Epiphany, the 12th night, after which the window closes.
Personally I no longer make resolutions ~ they're made to be broken !
As John Lennon famously said ~ Life's what's happening while you're making other plans.
Instead I've tried this year to make affirmations based on insights.
For example I've spent the last decade working 6~7 days a week on the basis that I can relax when I get to Thailand. This is not working as I just stress myself out too much and that is now affecting my physical body. So I need to take 2 days off each week. I'm amazed how hard that is 'cos I've always been so dedicated to the Heart and the Website. This is not a resolution It's simply an insight into my reality.
It's natural to give ourselves goals. It's not a bad thing. So long as we don't let the goal take us over !
Life is a journey, not a destination.
In all walks of life we do the same. We set goals, but if we don't achieve them we consider ourselves a failure. No matter how well we've done, we think someone else has done better and so feel bad about ourselves when instead we should feel proud of what we did achieve.
So for this New Year, my friends, acknowledge what you did achieve, even if only survival, and give yourself a pat on the back. Because the world needs conscious souls. Your consciousness is your vote in the World Mind.
Meditation in the Marketplace was the toughest test my Guru placed on me. It's easy to be all spiritual when you're sitting on a physical or financial Mountain, separated from the rest of Humanity. It's been hard climbing down from my Lotus to compete in this physical world. But establishing Crystal Heart as an Ashram on the High St, helping regular people to realise our values are part of their World, alongside the big Chain Stores, I have to feel a bit proud.
In realising that, I bow to all of you striving for a better world whilst at the same time striving to survive in it.
You are the truly precious gems. Be Proud.
Well despite my intention, this blog took a different path !
Be prepared for new insights.
This is a liberating New Year.
Love as Always, from the Heart.
Blessed be.


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