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Summer Solstice

Hi Everyone ~ Hope you're all doing well and getting Christmas organised ! If there's any pressies left to buy, you know where to go ! Well, if you live here in Melbourne, as today we've past the last possible posting day.
Despite needing to be in the Shop to help out, I've still managed to upload some things. An amazing series of Azurite Malachite, really the most beautiful I've seen. Also a small range of jewellery inspired by the Art Work of the Fabulous Frida Kahlo ~ Mexico's most famous Artist. The more I read about her the more I love her ! A powerful woman who believed in herself and lived outside the social norms. She overcame serious physical problems  to live a rich colourful and productive life. Hence she has become a symbol for Feminists ~ but to me she's also a symbol of belief in the Self and it's expression in a pure creative form transcending the limits of Society. Trust the Energy.
 Summer Solstice tonight. Wow. Another year over ! Yes Today is the longest day of the year ~ despite the cool weather. Traditionally a time to celebrate in gratitude, acknowledging both Sun and larger Cosmos, and the fertility of the Earth. In China it's a time to celebrate the Yin, the feminine, the Earth as the Yang power of the Sun begins to wane.
Along with the Full Moon, this is a time to celebrate the achievements over the last year and begin to plan your manifestations for the next. This is a powerful time to greet tomorrow's rising Sun with clear manifestations on who you want to be in the coming year.
Thank you all for your support of the Heart.
Blessed be.
Marc, Jessica, Laura, Leah


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