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Purple is the New Pink

Hi Everyone and hope you're enjoying 2019 ! For me the aspects of creativity and freedom of expression are really coming through. I'm now taking 2 days off a week for the first time in decades to give me some space for that.
 Valentine's day is looming closer, and it is of course a favourite day for the Heart.
A day to celebrate and acknowledge the love in your life.
A day also to celebrate your own Heart, to make sure you're giving as much to yourself as others.
Usually our Shop Window is overflowing with Pink, the colour of Love ~ but Laura just created a beautiful window featuring Amethyst, and I love this as well because although it's mainly seen as a Spiritual stone, it's also the gem of Transcendental Love.
After all, Purple is made by mixing Red and Blue which represent our Masculine and Feminine sides. Fire and Water, Yin and Yang. Apparently opposite in nature, in Amethyst they live together in a higher Harmony.
Also, Amethyst is basically Clear Quartz containing a minute amount of Iron which alters the Crystal Lattice so that only Purple Light can pass through the gates. Clear Quartz represents white light ~ the freely flowing energy of consciousness, whilst Iron represents the conditioned mind and the rules of the Mundane world.
So again Amethyst shows two opposites ~ Heaven and Earth ~ living in a perfect Harmony.
Of course the Pink stones are still the go-to stones for this upcoming day of Love. But if you think about it, Amethyst can be higher choice ~ so long as you remember to leave space for your personal self within the Transcendental. Acknowledge the beauty of your own Heart. Sacrifice a little of that duty to love yourself.
As it happens, I've just uploaded some beautiful Morganite, another stone of divine love ( see Latest Uploads )
And so, beloveds, my message for this Valentine's day is simple. Acknowledge your love ~ not only for others but equally for yourself.
Blessed Be.
Love from the Heart, as always.
Marc, Jess, Laura, Leah and Jo
And our Readers, Maxine and Pamela.


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