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All this and Dentistry too :-)

Well it's been another great week, and I'm happy to say that finally a 7 year renovation of my teeth is completed ! Long story, suffice it to say that my old dentists didn't pick up on some serious problems. Anyway, yesterday I had the last of the " Temporary " Mercury fillings removed and really I feel so much better already ! I am seriously surprised about that, even knowing all the problems with Mercury. My teeth just feel cleaner and part of me again.

So I'm thinking of ways to improve the website - particularly more focus on crystals and how to use them, cleanse them etc. It's always worth checking out our facebook if you don't already. There's a link at the top right of the Home Page.

This weeks uploads, for a change of pace, have been more in the Ethnic range - still lovely of course, but a bit more affordable. After all, Christmas is coming ! Though I've just realised there's a whole bag of Tanzanite I forgot about . . . . .

OK. 11 pm. Time to eat ! Sleep well and enjoy the new Moon Energies, they seem to be especially strong this month.

Love from the Heart as always




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