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New Uploads continue

Well the shop has really been buzzing this week, so I'm feeling gratified that all those hours uploading new stock is paying off ! I love it especially when overseas visitors find us through the website and give such wonderful feedback. Crystal Heart has always had a special energy, and I'm glad to share that with the World.

It's been a bit of a challenge for me this week with the hay fever and the flu like symptoms that come with it but there's plenty to see in the latest jewellery uploads  Much more to come, as always ! I'd hate you to get bored !

Most notably this week the Pink Apophylite Drusy pendants that we sold out of before. Plus some interesting Tourmalines. I've also resurrected the Bracelets collections - there's two, under Jewels and Silver on the main menu. Mind you, we've heaps more in stock so that's another project to add to the list !

Astrophyllite Druzy pendants will be uploaded tomorrow, then I'll need to focus on accounts for a few days.

OK, enough from me. Hope you're all enjoying a life of gemstone harmony and bliss :-)

Love from the Heart as always !



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  • | Debbie Tibbetts

    I received my Celtic cross with the coral rose. It is magnificent!! Everything and more I was hopeing for. Being from Irish/Scottish ancestors and a practicing Rosicrucian this Rosie cross was made for me. Thank you for such a high quality piece that I will wear daily.

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