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Another Fantastic Buy of Super Stones

Wow. I just spent an exhilarating SIX hours with Paul who arrived with his best collection yet. We really are kindred spirits in our love of gemstones. As are many of you ! It will take a week or two to upload it all, but I thought I'd give his Fans a heads up. If there's any on the list that interest you, drop me a line and I'll upload them first. If you can visit the shop come in and ask. You'll  get to see it first PLUS a 10 % discount because if you buy it from the bag I don't need to spend time on the upload !
This time the quality of the stones was even better. The thing with Paul is that he travels the world, visits the mines, hangs out with source dealers until he gets the best price, then has his own Jewellers set all the gems according to his own high standards. If you're not familiar with Paul's work check out his collection here
Yes Paul's stones are our most expensive ~ but considering their quality they truly are well priced. I know this because I check out the gemstone dealers overseas and so many times Paul produces an already set piece of Jewellery for less than I can buy the Stone on it's own. This is helped by the fact that he often facets the raw material himself. So here's a list of most of what I bought today.
Amethyst - some deep purple Brazilians
Ametrine ~ Cabochons with really deep colour and good zoning
Blue Topaz ~ Perfect Blue
Gaspeite ~ the mine died 10 years ago, but Paul bought enough rough to last.
Green Beryl ~ very rare
Heliodor ~ Yellow Beryl, so hard to get
Kunzite ~ lovely colour, this stone is hard to cut.
Larimar ~  I had enough already !  but this was just a step higher in depth of colour
Mandarin Garnet ~ the real thing
Moldavite ~ Raw and Faceted. Again, Paul only buys from a German Professor who is an expert on this stone. Important as many fakes are around.
Morganite ~ just Wow ! I've never seen cabs with this depth of colour
Peridot ~ not on my list but these are gem quality cabochons with great spirit.
Prehnite ~ from Australia. again, perfect soft green yellow.
Rose Quartz  ~ Cut & Cab, from Madagascar and the best I've seen
Sapphires ~ different colours in stackable rings. These are REAL, from Ceylon sorry Sri Lanka and have NOT been colour changed.
Tanzanite Cabs ~ Again, I had enough already but couldn't say no to their rich blue/violet.
Tourmalines ~ just a few pink and green facets.
Tsavorite ~ Faceted Gemstones ~ I love this bright green Garnet.
OK That's most of it. I feel like I've been to a Rave :-)
Hope you Enjoy
Love from the Heart as always. Yes, we're a business. But like Paul we do come from our Hearts with a true love of Nature's Artwork in the form of Gemstones.

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