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The Miracle of the Moment

I've had a record weekend as far as uploads go, so be sure to check out the latest Jewellery uploads ! Heaps of Tanzanite, some Ruby and Sapphire and a whole collection of Marco De Koster because he adds a lot of style to his Jewellery. I uploaded so much because the pressure was on to clear the backlog in preparation for the visit of Paul tomorrow because as you know he supplies awesome stones at great prices.

Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep last night. Woke up at 2 am and for some reason stuck my headphones on and raided Youtube for every version of Hallelujah ! Winner of the male section for me was unsurprisingly the incomparable Mr. Leonard Cohen. But on the female side a surprise discovery ~ that also incomparable ball of intense spirit named Jennifer Nettles. Well worth checking out if you've not heard her before.

By the time I'd finished with my inner X Factor and found my winners the Dawn Chorus was filtering Nature's Music through my bedroom window. The first touch of Dawn lightened the Sky. Suddenly I was overcome by a tremendous joy for the Miracle of Life. When I was Ashramming in India that was a common experience. Almost daily. Sartoris all over the place. But since I've delved into the Market Place with the Business of Crystal Heart I've slowly forgotten that memory of the Miraculous. The real reward for being in the Moment, reminding me why I've never been very interested in the rewards of the Material World. That connection to the miracle of life always trumps the fleeting pleasures of merely material possessions.

just wanted to share that feeling of reconnection.

Love in the Moment from the Heart !

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