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Another Week slaving in the Crystal Mines . . . .

Hi Everyone well I can hardly believe we're back to another Saturday ! Hope you are all well and had a good week. By which I mean even if there were some negatives you learned from them. For me it's been a weird week with intense dreams which have really challenged me to affirm my goals and sense of self. Not sure whether I'm being stubborn or determined, but nothing gets in the way of Crystal Heart's growth !
Looking back over the week despite all those personal problems that myself and associates have experienced, we've uploaded some real goodies for you !
In most cases I've only put one or two examples of each stone up in the
but you can open any one and follow the link to the full collection. The stand outs are ~
Australian Prehnite ~ a gorgeous soft lime yellow. Best in the World methinks. Not biased at all ! I remember chatting with the guy who discovered gem quality Prehnite here and would dig up a load then hide the spot so no one else could find it.
Rose Quartz from Madagascar ~ Much as I love this loving rock, I've never considered it a true gemstone until Paul brought this bag out. Stunning colour and clarity. Best I've seen in 30 years. Perfection raises it to a new level, and the faceting is perfect too.
Bastet Earrings and Pendant ~ Just in Silver but great pressies for those who like Ancient Egyptian things and cats ! Bastet, the cat headed human form of Hathor is really scary, but this more friendly form evolved in Ancient Egypt to protect home hearth and fertility.
Then there's a couple of particularly nice Garden Quartz pieces that look really organic and just 2 new manifestations I couldn't resist.
Petalite ~ Wow ! OK it's just a clear stone but to find it perfect and flawless is worth talking about ! Such a calm clear heart stone. Haven't done a collection yet, you'll have to use the search.
Lepidolite ~ not an expensive stone but hard to find in Jewelry. This is the stone of the peaceful warrior. Just like in Judo where you use your opponents force against him, Lepidolite does the same with stress so you can use that negative energy as a positive strength to get you through ~ in a peacefully empowered way, of course ;-)
Aquamarine ~ There's a LOT of quality facets and cabs, check out the collection for sure !
Kyanite ~ again I uploaded heaps, but those electric blues are the pick of the bunch.
Tourmalines ~ last but not least, 4 awesome rings ~ pink, blue and the very rare Gold.

OK so despite Melbourne's miserable hot humid hay fever weather, I'm pretty pleased with this week's uploads. Enjoy !!!!

Love from the Heart as Always


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