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Following the Heart

Saturday night again and I'm reviewing the week while dinner cooks with a well earned scotch ( well, it's still spirit ! )
As I've said, in the last two massive orders of Crystals from Kristy and Jewels from Paul I forgot about the cost and just followed my heart. However because of that I've found that I love each one of Paul's pieces so much I've had to write more about each one which has slowed the upload process considerably, although it has been more creatively fulfilling.
Nevertheless, looking back, I've got a lot done this week ~ just check out the
A word on the latter because I do buy Moldavite with great care from only two suppliers that I trust. True Moldavite is 14.7 million years old and only comes from the Moldau Valley, Czechoslovakia. However it is basically a glass and hence easy to forge. With experience I can now tell by the bubbles and flow lines. Perhaps because of my science background you should know that I do regularly check the authenticity of all our gemstones. Paul is of a like mind and always goes the extra step. He only buys from a German Geology professor who is an expert on Moldavite ~ and we all agree that his Moldavite seems to have an extra punch.
Meanwhile the Lovely Leah, who has recently become a Reiki practitioner, has taken some time to apply her photographic skills to the crystals.
I'm back to wearing my Tanzanite which helps me retain some sanity and awareness when I get stressed by taking it all on myself.  Tanzanite reminds me that this is an awesome group effort.Yes, more Tanzanite to come in the next round. So, although my inner accountant is still nagging me about the size of the bills, I'm happy I followed my Heart to present you with all these goodies.
Lots of Love from ALL at the Heart ~
Marc, Jess, Hilary, Laura & Leah

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