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Saturday Blog on Sunday !

Melbourne is famous for it's changeable weather but this week it really outdid itself with 4 days of sweltering heat followed by a sudden return to Winter with cold weather, record rainfalls and flooding. Suffice it to say that this has slowed down the upload race, but we are back on track now. Check out the latest Jewellery Uploads

Our man from the Congo also made an unscheduled visit with some lovely rare pieces ~ so the New Crystals collection is also worth a look

The shop has done brilliantly all things considered thanks largely to this wonderful website :-) Special thanks to the young couple from Hong Kong who were just about our only customers on a cold Friday night, buying presents for friends back home ~ and they had a lot of friends !

Finally Leah sent a lovely email about the SuperMoon in Saggitarius. If you're not on our mailing list or Facebook page, we'd love you to be !

Enough for today !

Love as always from all of us at the Heart


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