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Another Year Over

Hi Everyone ! Sorry it's been a long time but I've been catching up on my sleep after an intense month ! Anyway, wishing you all a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR  !!!
2017 as a "one" year wasn't bad but I did find it very intense and demanding. I really felt under the Cosmic Spotlight and put myself under a lot of pressure to be the best in everything I did. I'm happy to say I woke up on New Years Day feeling a deep relaxation. Sure there's some tough decisions still to be made, but I find my trust in the Universe has returned. Just wanted to share that with all of you. Make this a year where your worth is appreciated and supported. Speaking of being supported ..........
A MASSIVE THANKS to all of you who have supported Crystal Heart through years good and bad. We wouldn't be here if not for all of you, our lovely customers, so we just want to say how much we appreciate you. Sure we all work hard, but it's you that have given us another record Christmas both in the Shop and on the Web.
An equally MASSIVE THANKS to all our staff ~ in alphabetical order ~ Hillary, Jessica, Laura and last BUT NOT LEAST ( she's a fellow Leo ) Leah ! Let's not forget Nicha as well, our Fair Trade connection in Thailand who creates all our beaded Jewellery. You've all contributed so much, but beyond your skills you've all added your hearts, and that is priceless !
Wow. My 31st Retail December. When we opened the first little stall in Subiaco back in 1986 I thought this was just a fun next step on the path. Had no idea it would become my path ! But there you go. Life's what's happening while you're making other plans. On one hand Crystal Heart is a jealous Goddess that has taken over my life ~ but on the other hand she's a blessing that has given me a life.
So. Free, Gratuitous, Wonderfully Unexpected, Universal Blessings to all of you.
From the Heart, as always.

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