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Getting stuck in to 2018 ?

Hi Everyone, and hoping you're all finding your feet in this New Year. After 3 frantic months of running around and uploading I'll be glad to take the weight off mine a little bit !

But there's still some nice pieces trickling through. Recently I uploaded some lovely Star Rubies with really nice rich red colour rather than the more anaemic ones you usually see. I remember very clearly my pleasure at finding them on a buying trip in India ...... over ten years ago ! In all that time they've been sitting in my tin box of stones to set. Many times I'd admired them and deciding to do something, but nothing ever happened. Until Paul's last visit when he mentioned he had some spare space for extra production and suddenly they were on their way, and here they are in a simple but quality setting perfect to focus on the Star that you Are.

Ruby energises and empowers your heart, while The Star within demands you be the best that you are. This year actually aids that process !  Be confident in who you are. Banish the negative thoughts. It's not about failure or success. The "only" demand of the Star is to be true to yourself and acknowledge your talents. To feel fulfilled.

All this was in my mind as I uploaded them, and the thought struck me that this was a great stone for 2018. Maybe they were just waiting for the right time

After all 2017 was the One Year when you'd imagine we'd all start our new cycles but it seemed for me and many others to be a year of perfecting past projects, letting go, thinking about what would be next.

This year, 2018, is a Two Year. Also an 11/2 which brings in a Master Number. To read more about that I do recommend Felica Bender's site  which explains this year better than I could and is well worth a read, but basically the 11 is a master number which raises the energy of the 2 to a whole new level. So it looks like another intense year to come, one with real change, and change also invokes fear so I'm clinging on to my Star Ruby which reminds me of my inner strength and ability to cope. 2018 looks to have a lot of challenges and change. Star Ruby is the perfect energy to encourage you to forget the Future and walk confidently into a new present :-)

Have a great 2018 !

Love from the Heart as always.






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