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Free Express Post and Happy Christmas

I "expressed" this in a mail out and on FB, but just realised I didn't blog it. We had a couple of late deliveries last Christmas, and that can be a real disappointment, so all orders this week will be automatically upgraded to Express post at no extra charge.

Personally I've had a stressful few days that negatively impacted me. Christmas can be a stressful time for all of us  ! OK I know I've been doing this for 30 years ~ I really should trust ~ but every year I worry after spending so much on stock. Yesterday morning I woke up to this deep reverberating voice in my head telling me I need to meditate :-) Turn that worrier into a warrior ! Happily it's been a great weekend in shop and website so now I can sit back with a glass of red wine and my blues playlist feeling immense gratitude to all you customers who make this dream a reality.

Meanwhile the game continues. Once again, just as I reach the end of uploads for all the glamorous gems I've recently adopted, a new shipment arrives. Mainly Sugilite and Tibetan Herkimers, Chiastolite and Blue Lace. So it's still worth checking out the Latest Jewellery Uploads

OK That's it for tonight. Enjoy, Keep Safe, Celebrate !

Love as always from the Heart

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