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Bangkok Gem Show !

Nearly finished now and happy to report I've bought a massive amount of new stock, a big restock of sold out items plus some nice stones we've not had before. Also a bunch of my own designs ( Raw Imperial Topaz and Tourmaline rings, Raw Kunzite pendants with Herkimers, Raw Crystal points with Watermelon Tourmaline ...... )
So right now I'm feeling rather happy. Especially since I've encountered so many obstacles for this trip !  A few weeks before departure I tripped over a kerb and broke a bone in my hand which meant wearing a cast. I tried to pack light, but struggling through Melbourne Airport to the furthest gate with two heavy heavy carry ons  and a stick but only one hand nearly did me in ~ thankfully I wasn't too proud to accept a wheelchair to take me through Bangkok Airport !  You know, I've always loved the Indiana Jones Movies, and when I travel to buy gemstones ( wearing my Akubra ) I do feel just a little bit like the man. This time though I arrived more like Harrison Floored :-)
Unfortunately I'd also strained my right knee beyond it's limits because when I got out of the Taxi I found I could hardly walk ! Being determined ( or stubborn ) I still managed to hobble forth the next day to start the buying. More problems ! This was the one day of the year all the money changers were closed ! Still pushed on to the Wholesale Market. Time is too precious on a buying trip. More Disaster ! All the shops there were closed as well ! I just crashed on a bench nursing my throbbing knee too stunned to even think ~ but Nicha went walkabout and found one bead shop open. She even got really good prices since we were the only customers in the whole market :-)
Next day I went to Bangkok Hospital and after X Rays they gave me a cortisone shot. I actually feel better than I have for a long time. Serves me right, this, for  putting off medical attention over the last few years 'cos I've been too busy.
Meanwhile Nicha was able to make lots of lava stone bracelets, some with Chakra Beads, which people are using as Aromatherapy bracelets because the Lava Stone will absorb essential oils.
So this really feels like dragging success from the jaws of defeat.
It's the Spirit of the Crystal Heart !
If any of you are going through contrary times, just remember there's always light at the end.
Love to All.

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