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Afterpay and new goodies

Hi Everyone and hoping you're all well.
It's been a strange 6 months here at the Heart. Not a lot has changed on the surface, but underneath a lot has been going on and new stock is arriving.
All this time Pluto was retrograde and there just seemed to be an endless series of unforseen obstacles to overcome. With Pluto now direct, during the Aries Full Moon things seem to be moving forward again.
I think a lot of us have been feeling some stress, and it would be easy just to counsel "Stay Positive ! " But I think real life is more complex than that. Today a customer asked me to cleanse a bracelet she was buying. I got out the Tibetan tsingsta bells but explained that I wasn't cleansing the bracelet. Instead, I was Harmonising it. Because life consists of Light and Dark, Night and Day. We can't just banish half of existence. But we can harmonise it, so that all the elements live in balance. Through hard times the real challenge is to retain that equanimity. Harmony is the key to our path, as exemplified by the world card in the Tarot
On a practical level, one thing we've achieved is installing Afterpay on our website.
You need to sign up using the link above, but the beauty of this system is that when you use it you get your goods immediately but only pay for them in 4 fortnightly instalments ~ and It doesn't cost you any extra !  ( they charge me a percentage instead ) The option will be presented at checkout. I'm hoping that takes some of the stress out of buying the things you love, especially with Christmas approaching so quickly !
Speaking of things you love, remember the Emeralds I bought on the street in Bogota ? I sent a bunch off to be set according to my designs and my Amigo just sent me a pic of one ring set in 14K gold. Wow. He was worried about the cost.
But here's the Crystal Heart difference.
I replied ~ Amigo you know all day I've been feeling somewhat low and depressed, and in severe pain with my ankle. But just looking just at that pic my whole energy has been uplifted and the pain has gone !
You can't put a price on that.
As we say in our logo.
Crystal Heart. Gems are gifts that awaken your inner Jewel.
That's not a sales pitch, it's our reality.
There's also raw Danburite Crystal Pendants, more Star Chakras, Herkimer Pendants set with Colombian Emeralds to come.
Right now we have a shipment of popular ring styles with lovely stones that I ordered because I didn't travel to the last show. I'm in the process of uploading these.
 Suddenly the Heart seems awake, revivified, reborn, and ready for action !
Fie on the Shadows that have dogged us recently.
We survived, We are stronger, What is to come for us will be .........
Well, you fill in your blanks !
Love as always from the Heart.
We're here for you.
Marc, Jess, Jo, Leah and Laura.
and our Readers
Maxine and Pamela.
For those not on our mailing list ( join up here ) we now have

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