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the Show is Over

Hi everyone. Hope you've all been doing well. Today once again is that happy sad time when I finally send all my goodies off via UPS. The show is over once again. Back to the grindstone :-)

We did well on this trip. No Sugilite anywhere but I did find some lovely loose stones to set. Many of my own settings from the last trip are on their way. Lovely Dioptase crystals, Aqua Aura and other special Quartz which look great and are really affordable.

I've been away a long time. 7 weeks in all.  I'm calling it my long service leave as I haven't had 4 weeks to myself since we moved to Melbourne in 1990 ! But with good diet, gym, swimming, massage, I feel so much better in my body and prepared for the hectic months to come.

Having enjoyed this break so much I really want to say a big THANK YOU to my wonderful team at the Heart who have all done such a massive job in my absence and really carry the Loving Energy of the Heart ..... which was the reason I began this whole story in the first place.

I hope you've been checking the latest Jewellery Uploads - because over the last few weeks Leah has been uploading lots of new Jewellery. I did two big buys before I left - Julio from Kon Tiki and Marco DeKoster.

These are Australian Suppliers I've dealt with since the '90s. Julio originates from S.America and has the best connections there - especially for Super 7 and Manifestation Quartz. Marco has a unique sense of style & superbly made pieces.

One thing I've learned in Business is how interconnected we all are. Selling a piece of Jewellery is a sale, right ? But think that you're supporting the craftsman, the miners, the creatives, the shop staff, and all their families. The list goes on. We buy a cup of coffee. Do we think of the Farmers, pickers, growers, shippers ? So I could have just focused on my own overseas buys and making, but these guys produce something I never could. Since we are interconnected I'm more than happy to support their own creativity. And thereby supply you, the all important customer, with an enhanced range of choices :-)

OK Enough for now ! Time to enjoy a glass of healthy spirit :-) Be seeing you soon.

Love from Sunny ( and Stormy )  Thailand



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