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Christmas is Happening !

Hi Everyone hope is all going well and special commiserations to those experiencing wild weather over the last week. We had our own experience Friday Night ~ Thunderstorms, cloudburst, the rain so heavy it flooded the front of the shop. On one of our busiest nights of the year, half of our lights and EFTPOS were down. Happily I did lots of electronics at Uni so was able to isolate the damaged circuits and restore primary functions. Haha I remember changing a light bulb for mum when I was 7 yo. and sticking my finger into the socket just to see what electricity felt like. Maybe that was my first experience of " Energy " 'cos nearly 60 years later I remember it clear as day !
A big thanks to all those customers who weathered the elements and the black out to give us a good day of sales.
Despite all the business, I had a few clear days to do lots of uploads, check them out here ~

All beautiful ~ Peridot, Smoky, Garden Quartz like Nature's art, Star Rubies, Pietersite, Lovely Kunzite Cabs with rich colour, and last but not least ~ very rare Iolite pendants with Sunstone inclusions ~ we've sold 2 already and unlikely to get more. There's still so many awesome new gems to go, Yes, I bought too much. But no, there's just been such a rich availability over the last 3 months, I just couldn't say no.

Finally a mark of appreciation to all of you. We've averaged 3,000 hits a month since we opened the website ~ but in the last 30 days that grew to 8,400 !

So 10000 thanks to all of you ~ even if you only visited to appreciate the stones and my descriptions. I've grown to love my gemstones more and more. Their beauty is constant, they always give me energy ( more harmonious than that light socket ) A gemstone is a friend for life. So to me loving gemstones is really loving all the spiritual values they represent, and Crystal Heart is all about spreading that positive message.

Love from the Heart, as always.



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