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Christmas is nearly here ! Express post for all orders.

Hi Everyone and hope you're traveling well. It's been a tough year for many I know, but it's nearly over now. 2020 will be a year that flows so I hope we'll all be able to take a deep breath, relax, and go with that flow.
I've been deeply immersed in uploads to the website as so much stock arrived late ~ and I had a little smile to myself tonight. This website is dedicated to my Mum who passed not long before I began it. Mum was a Virgo, and I'm an untidy, messy, Leo. But when it comes to the website that Virgo energy rules ! Because of that push towards perfection it takes me ages to upload things, but you all appreciate it I know and besides it gives me a happy buzz when I look back over the days work. Maybe because I can feel Mum's approval.
Anyway, check out Latest Jewellery Uploads for a range of new stock.
The raw stone rings are really well priced.
I'm really happy with the Colombian Emeralds I purchased in Colombia. 18 kt bezel and 925 silver band is a great combination.
Aside from Jewellery, an excellent gift idea is the
Buying locally, the roller alone was $49.95. Now for the same price you get a beautiful boxed set with Roller and Gua Sha. The stones are top quality, and we'll gift wrap for you as a matter of course. It's what we do. Buying on line means you miss the warm energy of the Heart so gift wrapping is a way to send you some of that warm energy.
Finally, since Christmas is so close,
All orders will be sent express for no extra charge
We're upgrading Santa to the World Wide Chimney service. Slaying the sleigh :)
As Always, to our loyal and beloved customers/fellow travelers
Love to you all from the Heart
Marc, Jess, Jo, Lau, and Leah
( Leah also does amazing Reiki sessions, Jess teaches Yoga and Laura does Art Therapy )
and our very special readers Maxine and Pamela.

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