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Happy New Decade !

Hi Everyone and hope you're all feeling good saying goodbye to 2019 ! For me the year started brilliantly with falling in love, and that has continued, but everywhere else there has been a crescendo of increasing stress and I know I'm not alone in this.
So to all of you who have survived, I Salute You ! Now you can take charge !
I can't wait for 2020. It's a year where we can go with the flow rather than fight those obstacles in our path. Numerologically, I first see the number two repeated. In Tarot, this is the number of the Priestess. Water, the Moon, that flow which we can feel but cannot see because it is a mystery. To amplify that there are two Zeros which represent the perfect Universe and infinite possibilities that lie therein, which amplifies that Priestess figure. Not a Priest. Supremely Feminine.
But 2 plus 2  also = 4 which is the Emperor, the Archetypal Masculine, the purely Material World, which seems to be the total opposite.
In the Tarot the Empress sits between these two cards. She symbolises the abundance of creative ideas which can flow when your personal energy impregnates the infinite potential of possibilities which the Priestess represents.
Choose the one you love and in the Emperor manifest that.
My hope for this year, for me and yourselves, is that we can listen to the flow of our Heart's desire but simultaneously apply that to our physical reality.
It's all about you finding out what you really love to do and finding a way to do that. Not only for next year, but setting yourselves up for a decade of fulfillment.
I did this when I created the Crystal Heart, though I had none of these high flown mystical thoughts at the time.  It was an accident, albeit a divine one. But it arrived from exactly this situation. I was broke with people to support and needed money. Very Emperor.
What I wanted, the Priestess, was a way I could earn money but be my own boss and help people at the same time. The Empress gave me many ideas, but the only practical answer was to use my Tarot skills and that led directly to Crystal Heart. I was only thinking to find support for the immediate situation, but
That was 33 years ago !
Of course I've changed my role now traveling to buy gems and Jewels and working on the website, but today, this NYE, was a wonderful day in the Shop. Back to the roots. All my customers were Gods and Goddesses. I am overwhelmed by the great consciousnesses that walk our streets. I can't express how much I love you all. Just by your conscious choices on how to live your life, you improve the consciousness of the Planet.
Blessed be.
Have a great 2020.
What you do, consciously, for you.
you do for me
As I do for you.
In our conscious Polity.
Love from Me and our Amazing Team
Jess, Jo, Laur, Leah and Me
Our Readers Maxine and Pamela
Go forth and break 2019 with a stunning 2020 !
Change the World !
Your Consciousness is your most important Vote !

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