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New Italian Designs and Happy Equinox !

Hi Everyone and hope you're all well.
Sorry for the long delay. Shop has been busy, I've been trying to keep up with the uploads, but there's been a few other things distracting me.
First, Happy Equinox ! The day and night achieved their biannual balance so all is well there, and now the days get shorter. In more ancient times of course this was a more serious affair of ensuring survival through the coming winter. Now we've got Electrickery and Supermarkets. Nevertheless we are still looking at a time of introspection, a little more time for ourselves which I am looking forward to.
Back on track ! Since the last blog we were blessed by a visit from Francesco himself. He's our Italian Designer and it was great to connect personally with him and find out we have many similar interests, and are both on a Spiritual Path.  Also to find out he's a bit OCD which is not a bad thing for a jewellery designer :-)
Francesco's big love is Post Modern Design ~ many of his pieces are more geometric, even architectural, with some there's some serious engineering involved ! As such they are quite unique and also unisex. Attractive to both female and male ~without getting into a gender fluid argument. As an natural anarchist I hate labels. You are what you are, you like what you like. All that really matters is knowing yourself.
As you know, here at the Heart, it's all about great stones in simple settings. However, it is nice to combine beautiful stones with interesting designs and I'm pleased with what Francesco has produced. All these pieces are hand made individual designs so they are more expensive, but I think it's nice to put a bit of Jewellery Art into the Heart, so check out the
Well it's been good talking to you, I've missed these chats.
Love, as always, from the Heart.
Marc, Jess, Jo, Laura, Leah
and our readers, Pamela and Maxine.

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