Divine Dioptase

Hi Everyone. Well getting back into it now and just starting on the new stock. So much to do that sometimes I feel like King Canute trying to sweep back the sea with a broom :-) We were told in school that this was an example of Divine Ego, but really he was just showing his courtiers that even a King could not hold back the tides of destiny. Now, if only he was wearing some Dioptase he could have just opened his Heart, embraced the flow, and been a more successful King !

Dioptase is pretty hard to find, and generally it's comprised of clusters of small crystals on a rocky Matrix. Specimens with large well formed crystals can fetch crazy prices. So I just counted my blessings when our man from the Congo turned up with these lovely high quality specimens that were affordable. After a 6 month wait they've all been set and are ready to go. This evening I uploaded 3 pendants to the Dioptase Collection, tomorrow lots of rings. I wanted to finish today but it's been pretty busy and I'd rather have a scotch while dinner is cooking and chat to you guys. Cheers !

Dioptase is my favourite Heart stone. I even prefer it to Emerald because it has such an uplifting and generous spirit. Physically it's a hydrated Copper Silicate. It has trigonal structure which I've always found interesting because one one hand it's Hexagonal like all the driving directional Quartzes. But also it's Rhombohedral ( close to cubic ) which is more concerned with the practical material world. So what you have here is a Divine Higher Spiritual Energy that can help you go with the flow in the Mundane world. That makes it a stone of compassion because it gives you both the Heart connection and a practical understanding that it can act on.

So there you go. Enjoy !

Love from the Heart


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