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The Reluctant Warrior

That just about sums me up right now after seven weeks away in Thailand with no housework and only fun shopping :-D. Back to Melbourne's fickle weather and the start of Hay Fever season. It always feels like an evacuation when I leave and a crash landing when I return !

But despite my inner resistance, I have had a fun couple of days uploading new stock. The latest offering is similar to the designer range I brought in before, but the production is much higher quality. Just looking at the latest uploads and wow we've uploaded some classy stuff lately ! Remember I started with a Market Stall so it still gives me a real buzz looking at this oh so professional website :-)

At least that proves I'm still evolving ! but next up we'll return to our roots with the pieces I got made this time - yummy rings and pendants with really awesome Dioptase raw crystal, natural Aqua Aura and Lemurian points . . . . .

Hope you all enjoy perusing our Jewels and that they uplift your hearts. These Jewels serve their purpose only if they awaken your own inner Jewel.

Love from the Heart !


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