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New Stock and Libra Star Stones

Wow. Back 11 days and only today feeling really present. Gastro, then Flu. Maybe that's my body telling me it didn't want to come back !!! But I really enjoyed being back to myself and got heaps done. All the new stock has been priced but it will take ages to process and upload so as before, if you can come into the shop and ask to see the new stuff at the desk then you get the pleasure of first pick and 10% discount as that means I don't have to photograph measure describe and upload it !

For those of you who can't come in the main list is Amethyst | Astrophylite | Apophylite | Apatite | Aquamarine | Blue Lace Agate | Carnelian | Citrine | Charoite | Kyanite | Lepidolite | Malachite | Pearl | Peridot | Pietersite | Pyrites Druze | Onyx | Opal | Rhodochrosite | Smoky | Super 7/Cacoxenite | Tanzanite | Trilobite | Tiger Eye | Tourmaline so if there's anything you're really interested in drop me a mail and I'll upload it first for you.

LIBRA STAR STONES have been updated on the home page, I'm showing one example of each so just click on one you like and there'll be a link to that collection. Looks like a great month for Librans, I'll talk about that in the mail out.

OK Time to hit the sack. Sleep well !

Love from the Heart.



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