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Sale stuff !!!!

Well the pic shows the damage you can do in a half hour feeding frenzy at a sale when you remember the unused Credit Card :-)
This was only a small portion of my total buy, but I've spent today going though every piece and there are some beauties. Best of all, everything is at least half the normal price ! Our policy has always been to buy the best we can and charge a decent price, so our savings are passed on to you.
Larimar ~ some huge pieces. Chryoprase, Mangano Calcite, Seraphinite, Lapis, Blue Lace, Prehnite, Moonstone, Black Onyx and more. Best of all a couple of Blue Kyanite crystals in Black Matrix which turn out to have some nice small Rubies scattered through.
Good stuff. This was a genuine sale from one of my big suppliers who needed to clear space for new stock.
Who knows when these will get uploaded but hey, if you're in Melbourne to see the new stock you still get an extra 10% discount !

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