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Enough Shopping !

Wow. Always a bit of a let down when the Gem Show ends. The party's over.  But hey I picked up a lot of beautiful gems :-) Over the last 3 days I've been glued to my computer pricing everything and realise I spent more than usual because prices creep up each year ( and the exchange rate drops ) but you can't sacrifice quality for price. Instead I've cut my margins wherever possible to keep things reasonable.

Stand out has to be yummy Watermelon Tourmaline Pendants like the rings I found a few years ago. Just checking out a new supplier and there they were nestled in a little drawer among all the regular stuff. Price was shocking to me ~ but remember I started over 30 years ago, when I could go to a local wholesaler in WA which had watermelon crystals in a sweet jar on the counter for I think $5 each. My Crystal Ball sure let me down there ! Anyway I've made these new pendants as affordable as I can.

Mostly this shopping trip was all about filling holes in my stock. I bought a lot of Moonstone because sometime it's going to run out. More Rose Quartz than I needed, but the quality was so nice. Ametrine cabs also ~ not as deep as Paul's but still lovely and a really good price.

Rough Lapis and Labradorite ~ such a nice quality, I prefer these to the polished. The raw Lapis has such a soft energy, with radiant gold Pyrites and the Labradorite has lovely gold blue colour flashes.

Oh, nearly forgot some really super NATURAL Citrine Cabs, I've been nagging my main man for years and finally he came through.

You get the picture. There's so much more. My head will be stuck in the light box day and night when I get back ! But. If there's anything you're really interested in I can send a preview or two . . . . . .

Meanwhile let's not forget our Thai Heart Family Member Nicha who has selected all the beads and then worked day and night to produce all our beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. Nicha is terribly special. Way beyond Fair trade, she receives a fair percentage of each Australian Retail Sale. Nicha grows organic rice in Esan. Devotes free time to women's issues in the Village. Spends time meditating in the local Temple.  All this energy goes into her Jewellery, which is why it sells so well.

Love from the Heart as always







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