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Shopping Marathon Begins

Wow, here I am back in Bangkok. It was a great holiday ~ like a health farm in terms of working out and healthy food, but also a happy farm with evenings out and some lovely cocktails :-) But now it's work time. That holiday mode has been neatly amputated. I love that old saying ~ Wherever you go, there you are. I'd add to that ~ wherever you go, you're there forever ! So it is that now I'm back in Bangkok it's as though I never left, and it will be the same when I get back to Melbourne. Living in the moment.

Yesterday was a very long moment. A full day buying before the Show, we bought pretty much all the beads and basic silver plus some lovely stones. Stand outs are nice crystals of Lazurite ( the blue element in Lapis Lazuli ) and some lovely pink and blue spinel crystals. Plus those Aquamarine and Kunzite pendants we sold out of last time, and some more Kunzite and Epidote Quartz Crystals. So I'm pretty happy with that days work and am looking forward to the gem show.

I really have to admit that despite the intense effort involved it's not a bad job having to shop for a living. It's also amazing how much I can buy in a day when I consider that in the early years I often spent days trudging around Bangkok and Chiangmai, even Mai Sai, without buying anything at all.

So this is now an amazing synergy between knowing where to go and what you, my customers, want. Also having amazing staff who can run things so well while I'm away. In fact, it's time to acknowledge this publicly, they do a BETTER job running the shop than I do !

So thanks everyone,

Love as always from the Heart





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