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Still more new pieces . . . .

Hi Everyone

I can hardly believe it's Saturday again !only 2 weeks to Christmas ! and I'm STILL uploading lovely new jewels. Although the pile has diminished there's still a lot to go. Working backwards, there's a lot of new Moonstone, and I had a lovely time with some new Garnets of different colours. Bright chrome Green Tsavorites, red~purple Rhodolite, honey Hessonite etc.Then there's some lovely natural Citrine points from Torrington, NSW and a lot of lovely Citrine Cabochons. I put all these up on Latest Jewellery Uploads to save you time going through the collections. I really wanted to get this all finished in November, but I bought too much. Hopefully somewhere here you'll find the special piece that speaks to you.

There's a bunch of new Cabochon Peridot, really this is special ~ larger Peridots are always hard to find and generally faceted to add value so this was another great find from Paul. Plus some lovely facets. Check out the Peridot Collection

I've added some new Malachite,  Tanzanite, and some lovely little natural Sapphires from Sri Lanka. Anyway, check them out and enjoy !  This website was built for browsing hence the care I take with pics and descriptions to get you as close as possible to an actual visit to the shop.  If there's time I'll do a mail out with some more detail.

Love from the Heart as Always.

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