We all need a break !

Wahay !  I'm writing these words from Sunny Thailand ~ Just Like Melbourne it's gone from baking hot to raining and cloudy the last few days :-) I've had a perfect week just gym, swim, nap, eat well, bed early . . . . with a few relaxing drinks :-)  It took me a long time to appreciate the true value of a Holiday. Holy day. Time to become more whole and reconnect with the self you are outside the boundaries of normal life.

Anyway, thanks to our wonderful team at the Heart I can now enjoy this stress free. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you.

But of course the website runs 24/7 & my new Marc James Jewellery pieces arrived just before I left ~ so I photographed them all in order to upload whilst away hoping you won't get too bored. It's fun to upload a few each day, so keep looking !

Also tonight I uploaded the AQUARIUS Star Stones on the Home Page. A bit late, but good excuse yes ? This list is partly from books but also my own experience. Stones like Lithium Quartz & Merlinite just weren't around when those book were writ :-) and judging from Aquarians I've met, they could use these energies. So if you do have a friend with a birthday this month, we've done some of the work for you.

Love from the Heart as always.




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