Pietersite Collection

Pietersite was discovered in Namibia and this is currently the only source, hence this beautiful stone is rather rare and somewhat expensive.

Pietersite initially formed as regular blue Tigers Eye ( aka Hawks Eye ) but subsequent geological changes - heat and upheaval - caused it to metamorphose, or change form. Still recognisably a blue Hawks Eye, but all those straight lines have been replaced by gorgeous hypnotic swirls and plates.

The original Tiger or Hawk's eye gives a lot of strength, but can tend to be one directional and inflexible. Pietersite has survived traumatic changes and pressures but has emerged with greater beauty, flexibility and emotional strength. Hence it's ideal for anyone in a high pressure environments or situations who needs to be strong and goal orientated but flexible, emotionally connected and a touch creative and visionary.

I've already chosen a piece for myself - it's perfect for the busy retail yet spiritual environment that is the Crystal Heart !