• Happy New Decade !

    Hi Everyone and hope you're all feeling good saying goodbye to 2019 ! For me the year started brilliantly with falling in love, and that has continued, but everywhere else there has been a crescendo of increasing stress and I know I'm not alone in this. So to all of you who have survived, I Salut... View Post
  • Hi Everyone Hope you're all well and happy. I've certainly been feeling a lot more relaxed since the Taurus Full Moon ~ thanks to Leah for another excellent mail out. Just as well as the last few weeks have been hectic with visits from Cosmic Crystals ( so well named, Kristy has the eye for aweso... View Post
  • Sacred Geometry Mandalas

    This morning I was uploading some more Flower of Life pendants and wondering what to say about them. I found myself simply meditating on this Mandala. Just gazing at it with open mind, observing the changing patterns as my consciousness made different connections. The Universe answered my questio... View Post
  • Well it's been a gruelling few weeks with the stocktake to do. I've had to add up EVERY piece of Jewellery in the shop and really got frustrated that I couldn't spend more time on the web. So happy to get back to you all with these unique pieces which have just arrived from our new manufacturers... View Post