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It's all Happening

Hi everyone and hope you're all happily evolving ~ whether to a higher plane or, like me to another drink lol. Well it's all Spirit, yes ?
I'm told the upcoming Taurus Full moon will be fantastic ! I really hope so because it's been a tough few months ! I've got to thank our lovely customers who support us daily just by being their lovely selves and showing us there is hope for this planet.
We're really blessed by you.
Lots happening here of course. A big shipment of new crystals, still being uploaded. Another visit from Julio and Paul will be here next week.
We received a lovely order of our favourite Celtic Flower and Celtic Heart rings, exclusively made for Crystal Heart that are proving popular.
Closest to my Heart though? the first pieces using my Colombian Emeralds.
Since a Child I've loved Colombian Emeralds. I really think they are the best in the world ~ their Chrome green is exquisite. Of course they can be very expensive, so when I recently found myself in Colombia I naturally visited Bogota, and taking advice from several colleagues I didn't go to the big tourist shops but wandered around the general area watching deals being done on the street. One thing I've learned is trust the energy ! So when a little old lady tapped me on the shoulder asking if I wanted to buy Emeralds it felt right and we went off to a cafe to make a deal. Wow her coat had many pockets, and many packets of emeralds. I needed that coffee !
One particular packet opened my Heart, and after some hard bargaining the deal was done.
When I got home and wondered what to do with them, a lovely packet of genuine Herkimer Diamonds from Herkimer County, New York State called my attention, so I put the two together in the pendant you can see in
There's more to come of course, but that's enough for today !
Keep well, and love from the Heart as always.

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