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Jet Lag & New stock

Well I got back yesterday. Been all over the place. Jet Lag is not just a temporal thing. It's really a psycho-spiritual feeling of dislocation. There was the Me in the Shop before I left, and then the Me on Holiday. So when I return there's a confusion of Me. Trying to bridge that gap is exhausting. But. This afternoon I crashed out but woke up with the happy feeling of Hey ! I'm still the same me that left ! The same me that enjoyed a holiday and returned. Life is evolution. Continual change. Even though things seem the same we do change all the time. Every day it's a new world.

Maybe that's the reason we love to buy new Jewellery and gemstones. It symbolises the changes in our lives. It's a way of acknowledging our growth and celebrating something new. Every time we get new stock in we all get so excited. It's like Christmas. Which is also the celebration of the birth of something new. So I'm looking forward to sharing new uploads with you.

Lots of lovely new stuff, but the most exciting for me is the Dioptase. I bought some lovely gemmy Dioptase drusy crystals last year. So hard to get. They've finally been set into rings and pendants. I gave all the Crystal Heart Family a piece as a thank you gift for running the Shop so well in my absence. That's also Dioptase energy working ! It's the most joyful Heart stone I know. Uplifting and generous :-)

Also lots more Aqua Aura natural crystals and some Lemurians, set as Pendants.

Thanks you all, Staff and Customers, for supporting the Heart.


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