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Hi Everyone and hope you're all staying safe, keeping well, and hopefully having some fun !
Here at the Heart we've adjusted to a comfortable new level. Still half hours and half staff but sales are picking up and we're getting so much positive feedback from customers that find us still open. After all, we are an essential service !
Some help from the Government finally came through, so I was able to clear some accounts and start ordering again. New uploads will continue !!!!
We're pretty lucky here in Australia. It has been a heavy blow in so many ways but we closed borders in time and so long as we remember our lessons on social distancing and hand washing I'm looking forward to a successful move towards 'normalisation.'
My last trip I left end of Feb and returned 6th March ( just before mandatory quarantine, phew ) S.America was still OK, UK was getting worried but still not locked down. In Bangkok I instinctively self isolated. No crowded bars or clubs with everyone breathing all over each other. No crowded Markets. I didn't even use the Hotel Pool ! I washed hands properly, used sanitiser, wore a mask occasionally. Now this is the proof of the pudding. This was the FIRST international trip I've made where I DIDN'T return with a heavy cold or Flu !
So. This Virus won't be going away, but we can deal with it through appropriate self care.
We can't forget the silver linings. Recently I was reading about the number of lives saved through the reduction in Atmospheric pollution. Which made sense intellectually ~ however last week I had to cycle into town. It's only a few Ks but uphill all the way back. Because I still think I'm 16 yo I always race myself and get back to the shop panting like crazy ~ it takes a long time for my breathing to return to normal as I crash out in my chair.  But this time ? No problem ! I was breathing a little heavily sure but went straight into the shop. More proof positive of the fact that atmospheric pollution is unhealthy. We just got used to it. I'm hoping we can all remember this reality check and create a new normal.
Just take a deep breath, let that old paradigm go.
I have. I'll readily admit that over the last 7 years since I started this website I fell victim to the race for record sales. Pushing myself and my staff to perpetually do better. Opening longer hours in the shop.
No more.
Carry on producing awesome Jewellery and supplying beautiful Crystals etc, and carry on uploading these gems lovingly.  But I think in the last few weeks the true nature of Crystal Heart has re-asserted itself. A quieter place with more time for customers in the flesh or on line. I'm loving this.
People come first.
If we all remember that, maybe we'll get politicians and industrialists who can drop their toxic power games.
We can dream. Dreams can become real.
Love from the Heart, as always.

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