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This Weeks Uploads

Hi Everyone and hope you all had a good week. It's been pretty intense here at the Heart with everything happening at once ~ I don't know what's been happening in the Stars but the whole World seems to have been going a little more crazy than usual. All I can say is I'm glad it's all over and we've survived !

Can't help wondering whether that extra hit of Tanzanite had something to do with all this because I certainly feel more evolved ! Hey, I even managed the first mail out since Christmas !

Anyway, between all the dramas I've certainly been on a creative high. Product descriptions have improved because I'm giving each piece my total attention in the moment rather than rushing through to get to the next one. Everything is moving to a higher level. I'm still working on the stuff I bought last trip, although the bottom of the box is now visible :-)

OK so finally this week's uploads. Firstly Rose Quartz ~ this was not on my shopping list, but the quality of colour and price was better than I've seen in a very long time and I've already noticed that the new stock is selling over the old.

Next up a few Peridots ~ over the last few years I've had a steady supply of good stones at good prices, but I think these are the last. The new stock I saw was cloudy and more flawed but for the same price. Glad I bought a lot before

One new raw Dioptase Pendant ~ arguably the best of them because I kept it for myself but hey I already had one so shouldn't be greedy :-)

Finally some Matrix and Raw Ruby, and a few Tanzanites,

Tomorrow I'm getting stuck in to a few meteorite rings and a whole bunch of Ametrine, cut and cab. Again, not on my shipping list but quality and price too good to pass up.

Right now I'm feeling rather proud of myself and grateful to all of you. When I first began all those years ago the budget ruled and I had to be very niggardly on buying, just a few pieces of each stone. Obviously business has grown since then, but the website ~ and your support ~ has enabled me to evolve my love of stones over budgetary constraints.

Thanks to you, all my customers, I can afford to invest in the future of the Heart, and snap up bargains when I see them :-)

Love from the Heart, as always.

Mainly Marc but hey, I couldn't do it without Jess, Leah, Laura, Hilllary and Nicha !


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