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Too much Crystal Power !

Hey Everyone and I hope you're all doing well. This has been a week of intense uploads of powerful stones ~ Moldavite, Tourmaline and Meteorite. I've worked with these stones for decades, but when I describe them I give them my full attention. I look at each piece with great intent and ask ' Who are you, and What do you really Do ? ' or ' I get you, but what do my customers need to know ? ' then I'm lost down a rabbit hole until I find the words that release me - and in the meantime I'm absorbing all those energies.

So I hope you appreciate the descriptions 'cos they've really made for an intense week for me ! As one might expect, of course. That burst of intense energy led me to change things. For me this was mainly my health, diet, exercise and supplements which have all been revolutionised. Also two trips each to the dentist and the optician and one to my awesome Chiropractor.

This may sound mundane, but all in the same week ? It's a case of ' As Above, So Below' When your consciousness shifts, everything else follows. I include all this detail just to demonstrate that although Crystal Energy may seem very metaphysical it can have very real effects.

Anyway, my energy and attitude emerged from this mad week so much clearer and more positive than before. Maybe I've finally cleansed myself from those lock down blues.

To reward myself I'm now going to focus on prettier stones for the next few weeks !

So please read and hopefully be inspired by those descriptions.  All these products are to be found in New Jewellery Uploads

Meanwhile Lily has been uploading heaps of our New Crystal Specimens  so enjoy viewing those. I've not had time to refine the descriptions, but every photograph tells a story.

With all the crazy things going on in the World I still maintain that all we can do is continue to evolve our clear consciousnesses in the hope that some day there'll be enough around to shift the balance. Apart from the pleasure they give, Crystals and Gemstones are the perfect tools to help us with this.

Love from the Heart as Always

Marc, Lily, Leah, Kaitie and Grace.

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