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Hi Everyone

Wow it's the 25th of November ~ it'll be Christmas before we know it and I've still got a massive amount of Jewellery to upload ! Trouble is everything happened late this year. This week has been a fantastically busy week buying the last of our pre Christmas stock.  On Tuesday 6 hours buying crystals so we're really well stocked now ~ especially with shapely Amethyst Clusters that have cut bases so they stand up. Starting from $29.95 these are great pressies. As natural works of Art they look good anywhere, and energetically Amethyst is Purifying, balancing and calming. Amethyst and Citrine Clusters, unusual Specimens, Raw Moldavite, Crystal Wands ...... it's a 7 page invoice !  We won't have time to put them on line ~ but a great time to visit the Store if you can.
Thursday a visit from Eddie, another of the Big Four that I've dealt with for over 25 years. Apart from being another Cosmic Adventurer, Eddie has access to different stones. In this case ~ Blue Nuummite ~ I discovered some lovely loose stones at a show a few years ago to set myself but when I went back last year the price had increased by 500 % ! so  these pieces aren't cheap but I do know they're well priced !  Also Mooralla Quartz, Gorgeous Brazilian Emeralds, Moonstone, Star Ruby, Moldavite and much more.
Finally today a visit from another friend who was born in the Congo but now works for the UN.  He supplies Malachite and Shattuckite and uses some of that money to buy second hand medical equipment to send back to Hospitals in the Congo.So we're well stocked with beautiful Malachite Owls, Frogs, Turtles, cats and dogs. Plus a new range of Crystalline Malachite Eggs and Spheres ~ top quality patterns in the stone, but these have caves within them.
So along with regular shop duties, it's been a massive week ! However the big buys are now over until next year, so I can regain some normality and focus on the website. That'll feel like a Holiday :-)
Looking back over the last few months and all the people I've been dealing with from all over the world. Wow. Brazil, India, China, Afghanistan overseas, NSW, Victoria and Queensland and W.A. at home. We are an interconnected Global Family.
Love from the Heart, as always.





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