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Never Ending Crystal Heaven

Well what a week. After the marathon buying session with Paul, then another full day buying raw crystals from Kristy, which also involves a fair bit of weight lifting ! Hence I'm physically mentally and spiritually exhausted. But I'm not complaining, 'cos I'm lucky enough to be doing what I love. Also, harking back to my last blog, I've finally accepted this is just who I am.  All my life I've pushed to my limits and just a bit beyond ~ and this is how I grow, evolve, discover new ways to self heal, access energy, learn more about myself.

It's not without other rewards either. I'm really proud of this website. Being a Leo my ambitions are humble ~ I simply want it to be the best site of it's type in the World !

Nevertheless, with so many distractions, I've not uploaded as much as I'd have liked this week. But there are some beauties ! Awesome A Grade Rutilated Quartz.  A splendid AmmoliteRhodochrosite,   Pietersite

Or you can just check Latest Jewellery Uploads !

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